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This is the euphemism which has been agreed for a very long time. The assistants always disappear one way or another before any encounter. I keep what I tell guys to a minimum. I know they are somewhat perplexed by the entire set-up; in any case, we both have something else on our minds. Not only does this set off a very loud alarm which sends my involuntary movements through the roof, but security are at the door within seconds.

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Guys my age often panic at my movements. People walk towards me and then turn back. I know plenty of my non-disabled comrades also get blocked, but it took some time to get used to. Though I date boys my own age, when it comes to Grindr I generally go for guys around 40 as they tend not to have any issues with my movements.

I meet around three a week if not more and have rarely had a bad time. I often have a reality check when I go home to the much smaller city in the UK where I grew up to find that sex is not available on demand. This raises a few issues.

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I am unable to masturbate. I rely on others. Is this dignified? Luckily I have had many, many great experiences.

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As the discussion went on, someone said that seeing a sex worker should be covered by health care insurance because intimacy is part of sexual health. It can be hard to give ourselves permission to seek out what we desire. But perhaps if more people had the confidence of cis white men, they would feel more comfortable hiring a sex worker like any other service. In the meantime, please know that a lot of us are waiting for you with open, nonjudgmental arms.

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